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My Best Business Services
These are services that I use consistently to enhance my web sites, blogs and business. I'm sure they'll be a big help to you as well.

I use Skype constantly. From calling friends and family, long-distance, to attending webinars online, to making myself available to customers around the world. Get your own personal phone number! Skype is one service that my business will never do without.

With Skype you can make free calls over the Internet. Skype - the whole world can talk for free    
I have over 40 domains registered with GoDaddy   and I've always had rock-solid service and support. The price is right and they are just an all-around great registrar.

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.com  .us  .biz .info  .net  .org .ws  .mobi  .me .in  .at .asia 


One of the few web hosting companies that are both inexpensive and rock-solid. 3 hosting plans to choose from and you get a ton of great features to use for your web sites. HostGator is what I use for any site that I don't use Site Build It for.

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Value Link Exchange

Value Link Exchange
Valuable backlinks from popular web sites is the ultimate way to increase you Page Rank and build your traffic. Value Link Exchange allows you to type in your keywords to find other sites that would be the perfect fit for a link exchange. It's free and you'll get a great free ebook, "Make Your Links Work!" to help you even more.

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If I didn't collect email addresses for my marketing and have a good autoresponder service, I'd be shooting myself in the foot. I like making money and throwing it away is not my style. AWeber is one of the best there is .



Unlimited Backup only $4.95

Mozy Remote Backup
Mozy is an online backup service that will keep files safe and secure. Hard drive crashes happen and that's just a fact of life. I've lost 250 gigs of data lost before and I will NEVER take that chance again. External drives are great for local back ups, but Mozy rocks the online back up world.

Worldwide Brands, Inc
If you're wanting to get into drop shipping, the only tool to use is OneSource, created by world-famous, Worldwide Brands, Inc. You will not find legitimate drop ship wholesales from a search engine. You will end up getting ripped off by, what are called, Middlemen. OneSource is your answer. I've used them since 2005 and the honesty, integrity and service is top-notch.    

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This is a terrific place to get all you business printing done quickly and inexpensively. Business cards, brochures, stamps, you name it. I've used them for years and have been very happy with the product quality and wonderful customer service.

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Grow your business. Try RingCentral

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