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My Best Social Marketing Tools
Social marketing is today what television and newspapers used to be....only at a million times faster and, more times than not, more efficient. It's definitely more cost-effective. All those reasons are exactly why people love it and you should, too!

Here are some of the best social marketing tools, books and resources to help you out in your online ventures. There may even be a job waiting to happen in it all for you. There was for me! ;)



HootSuite - My favorite Twitter management tool. It's all online so you don't need to worry about downloading any type of client. Set up multiple accounts in it, all managed by tabs, stats on you Tweets and so much more.


TweetDeck - Another great Twitter client. This one is a download and works on Adobe Air. Manage multiple accounts, including Facebook and LinkedIn. 
 Facebook Ad Manager Facebook Ad Manager - With this full-featured browser plugin, you can create Facebook Ads quickly, easily and save yourself a ton of time and work.

social oomph

Social Ooomph - A terrific online service that allows you to take full control of your Twitter account and manage it exactly to your needs.  Too long a list of features to list here...just check them out. logo - An online tool that links many of your social networks together, allowing you to quickly update them all at once. 

facebook logo

Facebook - Aside from Twitter, Facebook is the largest and most popular social network there is. Create business pages that promote yourself. Be wary of all the distractions of Facebook such as the games.

linkedin logo

LinkedIn - Specifically for professionals. A wonderful social network to make contacts with like-minded business people.
tubemogul logo  Tubemogul - Use this online service to distribute your videos to many video sites, all at one time. Makes video distribution a whole lot easier and more efficient.




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